Cellular Potts Model

Cody Smith and Owen Densmore 2020

This simulation is intended to be a proof of concept. It is trying to imitate this video of a neutrophil chasing a staph bacteria through a group of cells .
There are 2 kinds of cells. The moving ones are gradient following cells (neutrophils). They are trying to follow the gradient reperesented by the ranbow background. There are several smaller cells in the way, which are ignoring the chemical gradient. The neutropuil cells need to squeeze and shove around the other cells in order to get to the upper left corner.
This is currently being run on a 96x96 cell grid. I had originally intended to write this model for an Immunology Class at UNM taught be Professor Melany Moses, in fall 2019. I did not have much time that semester and finally found time during the great quarantine of 2020 to write it.

Actual running model

Note that this is really slow. Is there a higher performance version of this algorithm?

Here is a spead up video of a run: